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    【 Group headquarters 】25th floor Block A3 Poly mostly sinks Building No. 290 , Han R

    【Strong concrete agent business】 020-3756775光速飞鹰 contacts:Miss Chen

    【 To join menber of superplasticizer technology with room temperature synthesis】 020-3756775光速飞鹰 contacts:Miss Chen

    【 Superplasticizer raw meterial purchase】 400-888-460光速飞鹰 contacts:Miss Ning

    【 Raw materials of cement grinding aid purchase】 光速飞鹰392272599光速飞鹰 contacts:Mr.Zhuang

    【 Conference and Marketing cooperation 】 光速飞鹰3922光速飞鹰09547 contacts:Miss Chen

    【 New technology Cooperation】 光速飞鹰3922光速飞鹰0854光速飞鹰 contacts:Mr.Hu

    【 Human Resources】 020-83250468 contacts:Miss Luo